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Physical Exam

Getting regular physical exams is an important part of taking care of your overall health and well being. Physical exams, often called just “physicals” for short, can help treat existing medical issues and can help prevent future medical issues. While it’s a good idea for everyone to get regular physical exams, regular physical exams are also sometimes mandatory for athletes or for those who have certain professions.

At Bristol & First Medical Clinic & Urgent Care, we offer physical exams on a walk-in basis.

No appointment is needed before coming into our office for a physical exam. At Bristol & First, we can provide both general physical exams and specialized physical exams, like DMV/DOT physicals or sports physicals.

About Physical Exams

Physical exams are designed to take a comprehensive look at your overall physical health.
During a physical exam, a member of our experienced team will review your medical history and records, then evaluate your general physical health. One of our medical professionals will
examine your vital signs, such as your blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, and breathing. Additionally, if necessary, your doctor may order a urine or blood test in order to check for certain diseases, infections, or health irregularities.

About DMV/DOT Physical Exams

DOT physicals are a common requirement for those who get paid to operate a motor vehicle, such as those who drive trucks or buses. This type of physical is also sometimes called a DOT exam, a DOT test, a driver’s physical, a DMV physical, or a DMV DOT physical.

DOT physicals are designed to assess the general physical and mental health of persons who will be operating certain types of motor vehicles. DOT physicals include many of the same types of examinations as standard physicals, like those that check vital signs. Then, they also include a vision test, a neurological exam, and a spine deformity check. Additionally, a urinalysis is generally required for a DOT physical.

When you come in for a DOT physical, please bring any documents related to any existing medical conditions you may have. It is required that any driver who takes a DOT physical informs their doctor of any existing medical conditions when they come in for their DOT physical.

Sports Physical Exams

Sports physicals are commonly required for student athletes who will be playing a school sport. This type of physical is also called a pre-participation physical examination (PPE). Generally, students need to show proof that they have passed a sports physical before they can begin playing a school sport.

Sports physicals are designed to determine whether or not a person is able to play a sport safely. This type of physical includes many of the same tests as general physicals, though special attention may be paid to issues related to an athlete’s age or sport. Sports physicals include an eye exam, as vision is important for athletes who need to see properly while they play their sport. Sports physicals will also include a check of a person’s fitness. These fitness- related tests include tests that check the heart, lungs, abdomen, and joints for any signs of irregularity.

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