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If you have an urgent medical issue, you deserve expert urgent care. Bristol & First Medical Clinic & Urgent Care provides superior urgent care at the times you need it most. We offer a wide range of urgent care services and our Santa Ana, CA medical clinic is open daily. No appointment is necessary to visit Bristol & First. If you have an urgent medical issue, simply come in for a walk-in appointment and our expert team will take care of you.

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About Our Santa Ana Urgent Care

Whatever your urgent care issue, our diverse and experienced team can provide prompt and comprehensive treatment. We offer urgent care in fields such as pediatrics, exams, vaccinations, and family medicine.

To provide our patients with the best urgent care treatment, we have an on-site laboratory and an on-site radiology center. Should your doctor order any lab testing or x-rays, you can receive these services at our clinic without having to go to an outside ER, lab, or imaging center. Additionally, our team is able to perform many types of minor surgical procedures, such as stitching or removing foreign objects from superficial wounds.

Below, learn more about some common medical services we provide at our Santa Ana urgent care.

Bristol & First Urgent Care Services

Cardiology: Our team can assess and treat cardiovascular issues, such as chest pain.

DNA Testing: We offer on-site DNA testing services, including paternity testing.

Fever or Illness: Our team can provide treatment for those experiencing a fever, flu-like symptoms, common cold symptoms, or other acute illness symptoms.

Injuries: Our team can treat many types of accidental injuries, including sports injuries. Some examples of injuries we can treat at Bristol & First include cuts, sprains, muscle strains, and fractured bones.

IV Drip: We offer numerous types of IV drips, including hangover IV drips, immunity IV drips, hydration IV drips, and vitamin IV drips.

Minor Surgery: Our team is able to perform many types of minor surgical procedures in our state-of-the-art medical facility. Some examples of minor surgical procedures we can perform include stitching, removing stitches, removing skin abnormalities, and ingrown toe nail removal.

Physical Exams: We provide numerous types of physical exams, including immigration physicals and DOT/DMV physicals.

Pink Eye: Our team can promptly assess and treat pink eye conditions.

Sore Throat: We can provide swift treatment for those suffering from a sore throat and can test for bacterial sore throat conditions should your doctor suspect a bacterial infection.

Spider Bites: Our team can assess a spider bite if you are having a worrying, unusual, or potentially serious reaction to a spider bite.

Tuberculosis Tests: We can provide both the standard skin test for tuberculosis and the x-ray examination for tuberculosis.

Vaccinations: We carry a wide range of vaccinations, such as the flu vaccine, the shingles vaccine, the DTaP vaccine, the TDaP vaccine, the MMR vaccine, the varicella (chickenpox) vaccine, the hepatitis A vaccine, the hepatitis B vaccine, and more.

Urinary Tract Infections: Our team can provide swift treatment for those experiencing urinary tract infection (UTI) symptoms.

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Serving Santa Ana and surrounding areas, First & Bristol Medical Clinic provides prompt treatment to medical concerns that require immediate attention. We can help you avoid the long lines and receive the most outstanding care in the area.

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